Well guys its winter here, and as the change of season takes us on a journey so does our hearts and the people whom we let into them, and this last while it been a roller coaster ride for me emotionaly, at this very moment i feel so lost within myself. I feel as cold as winter it self. My heart is becoming more frozen to so much  people and the way  they try to change everyone but themself thus stealing away joy that was never theirs.

My only escape is infact my garden, for this is the only place where i can be myself and express my love  to each and every plant and even seeds i plant. The plants seem to appreciate and value it far more then  humans does for they gratitude is express with the fruit bearing and blooms of love.

In the garden i find peace, love, joy and even hope to continue.

Then there are days like yesterday where people have a way of tearing in our souls with there sharp words and selfishness. I just want to quit on people and surround myself with plants and garden my heart out but even in that people seems to dispise the solice i find in the garden rather then their pretentious; self-serving company.

My heart just needs a fresh start in creating  a garden of love without people 

I bid you all a heartfelt gardening day, and thank you for taking the time in  reading this silly blog of mine 

Love you loads


  1. 😞 I'm so sorry this is how you feel.
    I'm sorry for the part I played in it, and I wish I knew how to warm up your freezing heart.
    You are loved, and your love is appreciated, sorry for the times you may have been misunderstood and hurt.
    I hope you will look after that beautiful heart of yours and let your light shine again, you are so precious, don't let your spirit be crushed 🌱🌻


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