Hey guys just a short  post ... So spring is here and it  is always breathtaking  to wacth or see the  once leaveless trees now bursting with the lush greenest leaves and how the new buds and flowers seem to burst from  them  just so  as new seedlings spring up from the warming soil. So my racing heart can wait for the new Roses, the Fushias, Royal blue corn flowers, Marigolds and Lillys to burst out with their beauty, and  can hardly contain my self waiting on my beautiful Calendulas to awaken as the zinnias as well. The tomato seedling are growing strong as are the Basil ... soon it will be time for scrumptious salads So now i have told you all about the little garden i own  and now its your turn to let me know what you have grown Peace Love and many Blessings Phillip


Well guys its winter here, and as the change of season takes us on a journey so does our hearts and the people whom we let into them, and this last while it been a roller coaster ride for me emotionaly, at this very moment i feel so lost within myself. I feel as cold as winter it self. My heart is becoming more frozen to so much  people and the way  they try to change everyone but themself thus stealing away joy that was never theirs. My only escape is infact my garden, for this is the only place where i can be myself and express my love  to each and every plant and even seeds i plant. The plants seem to appreciate and value it far more then  humans does for they gratitude is express with the fruit bearing and blooms of love. In the garden i find peace, love, joy and even hope to continue. Then there are days like yesterday where people have a way of tearing in our souls with there sharp words and selfishness. I just want to quit on people and surround myself with plant


Hey my fellow garden lovers and explorers.... it feel like forever sice i wrote a blog post, so i decided to dust of the keyboard and get on with it.... So lately i have been a busy little creator hehheh  i have made a few tables with scrap wood, which lead to this post after finishing my outdoor table from pallets  on Saturday i knw had the perfect table with a multi purpose from haveing dinner under the stars to potting seedlings and even sort out some seeds collected. i can see many more adventure plans being created around this table with good friends to share it with. So with that  i greet you all and wish that you have beautiful week filled with lots of love and gardening.  Share if you like and subcribe is a must... Marigold Seeds on top of the Jack Daniels Seed container Giant Sunflower Seeds being sorted on the tray and filled in the Mason Jar All my love till the next post XOX FLIPS XOX


Good day fellow gardners and plant lovers After yesterdays blog i got so inspired with your response and reaaction to the "2018 Roses | Mid Summer" Pot that i decided to share with you, pictures taken last night while our electricity was out. Hope you like them! So here goes... THE ROSES OPENING MR FLY HAVING THINKING HE'S A WORKER BEE THE MAJESTIC SUNFLOWER ZINNIA ABOUT TO FLOWER BORAGE MRS LAVENDER HERSELF HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE POST Happy Gardenig   XOXO Flip OXOX


The beautiful late Mid Summer roses blooming. As Autumn is approaching i am rather enjoy these beauties and the other lovely bloom i have this time of year. Many Blessing to you all in this new year Happy gardening  love  Flip

Thank you

Thank you all that have inspired and awakened my heart through the years, may we grow together and keep on inspiring others by doing what we love... happy Festive Season to all you amazing people

Late Spring Garden

After the lovely rain that we had last night i thought i will share some of the beauties that have grown in the garden and is blooming so beautiful as mother nature would have it... Blessing to you all, Happy gardening