In Memory of my Father

In Memory of my Father 

I dedicate my first blog post as inspiration in honour of my father

Wesley Phillip Graeme Michaels

1946 - 2016

Its still seems so surreal that you and mom have left us orphaned, but we know that you are in a better place where angels sing and rejoice.

Before i continue i would like to welcome all of you that will read this blog and hoping that you will stay captured and become followers.

The early hours of the morning of 02 February 2016 i stumbled across the WhatsApp Status update that read that read:


The unsettling torture of these few simple words sent me in a spiral of disbelief and doubt questioning every thought trying to convince my self that this must be a hoax. Then Reality came crashing down with unending calls of family and friends...escape was all i wanted to do as just in a few hours i was on my way to visit you.

I took this picture when i went to clear my head which led to a few tears shed...

how could this perfect morning be filled with horrible grief and disbelief?

Leaving me so broken and inconsolable with flashes of childhood memories of years gone past, oh why does time fly so fast?

... and so this new journey begins to give life where there is none, know ill see you in every glimpse of the sun in every seedling when sprouting has began.

Loving you always till the time is done.


  1. Food for thought, dearest friend! I applaud you for doing this- dedicating this 'new chapter' of your growth to your beloved father, whom I did not know, but can well imagine was a phenomenal man! As you inspire us with your blog, may you be replenished and renewed for those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot in any way deny it from themselves! Live long and Prosper, my friend! RFR


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