Good Morning Fellow Gardeners

This morning i have a rather weird post to share and by reading the title of this blog you  might have and idea of what has happened.

So every day after my normal 8-5 job go home and plant or nurture my seedlings and do some gardening, and as a routine i check to see if all the plant are well moistened and not to dry of the day in the sun and by now i know each and every plant  seedling i have

However i pay close attention to my French Marigolds as the seed of this plant which i have been looking for since forever i finally found one day walking through the botanical garden; and man did they grow well they where just about to bloom.

Oh and then there are the 120 chilli pepper seedlings in a tray which i thought would never sprout  and then they go and surprise me with growing so well and with them being ready to be transplanted this weekend i was filled with excitement  to see the produce once the babies started blooming.

So the funny thing this morning when i came to check and water all plants and seedlings as  i do every morning  i discovered that my beloved Marigold  and 120 chilli pepper  seedling has been taken / stolen.

The picture below is just a illustration of  how my seedlings looked but still does mine and does my no justice


My heart is really torn into pieces as i really connect and bond with all my plants verbally, physical & emotionally; so i pray  that  whomever has taken them take care and nurture for them the same way as i did, and to my beloved missing seedling i pray that where ever you find yourself: please root your self deeply and and grow to the best that you can  be and more, i pray that your offspring will be  bountiful and plentiful filled with abundance and love.

Grow well my Love


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