This is rather a sad post as i struggle to find the words & believe that this is real...

Two days ago my world was shaken to the core with the news that you have passed away and the the only thing that came to mind was that this cannot be true, but sadly it was true when i read the comments and remarks on you're walls

I am going to miss you both  so much; especially in the December  Holiday festivals when you would hunt me down when ever you came to visit to just say Hi and share on your tattoo art work and pieces and life events and  just caring with both your big hearts. Thank you for being real and true friends and the friendship you offered me is and will always be rare, you weren't only just my friends but have become family to me, and for this i am grateful that our paths crossed the way it did,

May God grant your families and friends the peace and comfort as he has called you home, where you belong, and even if we will miss you so much you will be in our hearts and memories until we meet again. May your souls be at peace, Amen.

Goodbye... my friends 


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